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We develop tailor-made software solutions for a variety of businesses, including large corporations, medium-sized and small boutique companies, both B2B and B2C. This way, we have created sophisticated ERP systems for over 30 000 users, as well as super easy and comfortable CRMs for small businesses.


ArchiCGI is a US-based company specializing in architectural 3D visualization and animation. They have been using the ERP we had developed for them for 8 years, and we still add new models and features to make it 100% perfect for them.

Here are some of the recent additions to the ArchiCGI’s ERP:

  • Built-in Image Editor. This easy editing tool helps ArchiCGI clients show the changes that need to be done right in the image.

  • API-integration. Now, ArchiCGI clients can access all the functions of the ERP system from their own interface.

  • Multi-level Access Control. ArchiCGI clients can adjust the access to their project information to project members on their side.


CGIFurniture is a product rendering company headquartered in San Francisco. They have been using the inline platform we had created for them for over 6 years.

Here are some of the most important features they needed:

  • Unlimited storage for every user. The company’s clients use it to keep their digital assets for future use.

  • Virtual libraries where the company keeps their 90K 3D models and 4K+ scenes.

  • Financial Reports showing which tasks have been paid, which await payment, the amount of money left on the account, etc. Reports are automatically generated.


UFO3D is a 3D modeling company creating CGI for a variety of brands, from jewelry and clothing to luxury cars manufacturers. The company needed a system where the 3D artists could store their materials, including drawings, reference photos, CAD models, etc. Moreover, the storage needed to be easy to use for the clients of UFO3D. So we have developed an ERP system that included:

  • Indefinite storage for all project materials

  • iOS app availability. CGI CRM can be accessed as a website or as an app from any Apple device.


CGIFlythrough is a company specializing in the creation of architectural 3D animation for marketing and advertising. We have developed for them a system with 2 most important features:

  • 24/7 availability. Production team members can chat whenever they like, and clients can leave messages any time and know they will be read.

  • Security. Only project members can view the information about the project.


CozyMakeover creates virtual interior designs for houses. We helped their team set up business processes, created a website, and developed a CRM where the designers can find:

  • the project description

  • budget and expenses

  • task creation and deadline dates

  • critical requirements from the client

  • media and files

  • project team.

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